1. S.E.A Aquarium, Sentosa

    Over the Easter weekend, KM and I decided to go for a short trip to the aquarium. My husband has a special love for fishes. hah. Sometimes, its quite cute watching him stare at the fishes and him talking about it.


    I personally love watching schools of fishes. There is something about unity and how coming together makes them more powerful. Also, its just therapeutic to watch them.


    Im also a…

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  2. What it means to be the eldest child?


    I was just thinking about my childhood and the fun times I had with my 2 sisters when this topic came about. I thought i should share what it means to be the eldest and how it kinda directed my life’s choices.

    1. You are always an ‘example’

    Well, at least that’s what our parents lament about all the time when i make a mistake. it’s true. my sisters saw me as an example, my escapades, the…

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  4. Pan fried chicken breast with a warm portobello salad


    I been waiting for huge portobello mushrooms from NTUC, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it!

    Basically just pan fried my portobello and the chicken. Chicken breast was pounded so it’ll cook faster.

    Chopped cucumber, sliced tomatoes and sliced lettuce.

    All done in 15 mins. :)

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  5. Home cooking


    I finally got a chance to cook! I love to have quinoa for dinner. It’s texture and fluffiness always makes me feel like I’m having popping candy when I chew.

    This time, I threw in the tomato filling while cooking the quinoa, giving it a different flavour. I added an egg in each tomato and grilled it. Salmon was grilled, covered the lid to keep the moisture in!

    For dessert, Ive been dying to…

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  7. Happy 31st birthday Husband


    I decided to make breakfast for him. Skewed bacon wrapped asparagus with scrambled eggs.

    Then he went out for his usual Saturday guitar lesson while I mopped, vacumm and worked out.

    Once he’s back we decided to explore a couple of newer bakeries/ pastries shops in Everton Park. Everton Park is one of the upcoming trendy places. It’s near the popular Strangers’ reunion, One Keong Siak street and…

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  9. Macaron

    Macaron http://wp.me/s2Hc3U-macaron



    Ordered this from my baby sister for Alvin’s belated birthday present. I haven’t blessed him for ages and he’s such a good little brother to me.

    He loves it.

    All the 3 flavours are made of natural colouring- this means colour dye from fruits or veg extract. Will blog next about the dangers of food colouring.

    3 flavours:
    Green Tea Pistachio

    If you’re interested comment…

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  12. Earworm: Pharrell Williams – Happy

    This song makes you wanna move that booty while working on your desk. Stay happy guys!

  13. Boracay

    Boracay http://wp.me/s2Hc3U-boracay

    In summary, I’ll recommend boracay to anyone.

    We spent close to $400 for 2 on air tickets and $700 for 2 over the 5 days 4 nights.

    The view is absolutely gorgeous and the water is clear, the sand is too fine. Woohoo.


    I’m sure this guy agrees with me.

    You’ll need to spend at least 5days 4 nights since you’ll spend the first and last day on the road.

    You have a variety of things to do or not to…

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  14. #mohlu Honeymoon Day 4

    #mohlu Honeymoon Day 4

    Our final day!


    We decided to start the day with breakfast at our balcony. <3 the view again.


    We made arrangements to meet our boatman from the sailing ride, the previous day to bring us out to island hop, this time to the villages. We head out to meet him but we’re unable to find him. :(

    So we decided to head back to the room since it was drizzling. We waited for another 15 mins and i saw my…

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  15. #mohlu Honeymoon Day 3

    #mohlu Honeymoon Day 3


    Island hopping day! We woke up at about 7am. The whole ‘sun rises earlier’ thing really wakes you up. But we welcomed the gorgeous view on our bed.

    The island hopping would take us around the boracay island and snorkeling at the crocodile island (no crocs there, just the way the island look, see above image).

    We loved the view underwater! Our boatman/ guide, found a good spot for us to dig our…

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