1. 2nd trimester

    I haven’t been blogging and I felt really guilty about this. These days, I’ve been sharing my ‘mummy- to – be’ thoughts on Dayre instead. It’s bite size information and things that I can write on the go.

    Entering 2nd trimester is a real relief. I have my energy back, I can now sleep at 11pm or even later. I take occasional naps on weekends with the husband. We figured, we should just sleep as…

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  2. Sunday

    Sunday http://wp.me/s2Hc3U-sunday


    Yesterday, we felt young! We partied like a teenager in Church. It was the EMERGE weekend and I was so drawn to all the testimonies, performances that were shared by these young people.

    I’m well aware, I’m out of the phase but then again King David danced in front of all his subjects. He rejoiced with them like nobody’s business. We head bang to youth electronic tracks and dance to the victory…

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  3. Mothers support group


    Source: http://thelaughingstork.com/blog/2013/05/06/what-babys-kicks-really-mean-pregnancy-cartoon/

    One of the fun parts of pregnancy is having friends/ people around you who are also pregnant. There is nothing more fun than to share common stories, share ideas and support. The amount of fears you have as a first time mom, is pretty daunting. But having someone to talk to about big bellies,…

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  4. we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

    we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

    I was really stoked to hear that KM’s company’s family day would be at the ZOO! i know, im acting like a little child. But its always fun to have KM around when we see animals or the aquarium. He’s more learned in these areas as compared to me and would often tell me facts about them. (something I find really fascinated with)

    We took a cab down on Saturday to the zoo and it started to pour when i…

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  5. First trimester part 2

    First trimester part 2



    Week 6:the start of all the vomiting. In fact, my body was quite on time. Just when i thought i might be in that small percentage of women who managed to escape from morning sickness. I WAS WRONG. The first dish that ended up in the toilet bowl was Hokkien mee mixed with soursop juice from Redhill market. Gosh. I havent had Hokkien mee since that day. When i went to see my gynae, he said…

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  6. First trimester

      Source:    As they put it, every woman is different. In other words, your pregnancy symptoms might be different from mine.

    First trimester

          Source:    As they put it, every woman is different. In other words, your pregnancy symptoms might be different from mine.




    Image grabbed from: http://virgiliart.deviantart.com/

    IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

    Yeap. I’m actually at the end of my first trimester, we’ve gone through most of the tests including the OSCAR scan and blood tests. So I felt a lot more assured to talk about my pregnancy.

    If you’re guessing when the baby was made, yes… made during our honeymoon!

    We are truly blessed and extremely thankful that God…

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  8. Why napping rocks?


    Recently, i have a new found love for napping. Perhaps I’m a little influenced by my husband who loves taking naps over the weekends. But there is something about naps that makes me a better person.

    1. Napping makes me a nicer person to hangout with.

    Napping just made me a less grumpier person over the weekends. KM and I have the tendency to wake up at 8 on a weekend (I know.. everyone is…

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  9. S.E.A Aquarium, Sentosa

    Over the Easter weekend, KM and I decided to go for a short trip to the aquarium. My husband has a special love for fishes. hah. Sometimes, its quite cute watching him stare at the fishes and him talking about it.


    I personally love watching schools of fishes. There is something about unity and how coming together makes them more powerful. Also, its just therapeutic to watch them.


    Im also a…

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  10. What it means to be the eldest child?


    I was just thinking about my childhood and the fun times I had with my 2 sisters when this topic came about. I thought i should share what it means to be the eldest and how it kinda directed my life’s choices.

    1. You are always an ‘example’

    Well, at least that’s what our parents lament about all the time when i make a mistake. it’s true. my sisters saw me as an example, my escapades, the…

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  12. Pan fried chicken breast with a warm portobello salad


    I been waiting for huge portobello mushrooms from NTUC, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it!

    Basically just pan fried my portobello and the chicken. Chicken breast was pounded so it’ll cook faster.

    Chopped cucumber, sliced tomatoes and sliced lettuce.

    All done in 15 mins. :)

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  13. Home cooking


    I finally got a chance to cook! I love to have quinoa for dinner. It’s texture and fluffiness always makes me feel like I’m having popping candy when I chew.

    This time, I threw in the tomato filling while cooking the quinoa, giving it a different flavour. I added an egg in each tomato and grilled it. Salmon was grilled, covered the lid to keep the moisture in!

    For dessert, Ive been dying to…

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  15. Happy 31st birthday Husband


    I decided to make breakfast for him. Skewed bacon wrapped asparagus with scrambled eggs.

    Then he went out for his usual Saturday guitar lesson while I mopped, vacumm and worked out.

    Once he’s back we decided to explore a couple of newer bakeries/ pastries shops in Everton Park. Everton Park is one of the upcoming trendy places. It’s near the popular Strangers’ reunion, One Keong Siak street and…

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